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...Equine Reiki...

Reiki for horses is fundamentally not much different from Reiki for people. However, horses are very sensitive to energy, are completely unbiased and feel the pure energies without prejudice. 

Horses cannot directly communicate with us to tell us how they feel and where they feel pain. But from experience, horses will show you just where the treatment is needed, once they become acquainted with the feel of Reiki. They are quick to react to it and show us by turning their head, leaning into us or moving their body in a way that you know where to treat them.

Reiki is beautiful and can be added to any regular medical and healthcare routine.

Equine Reiki, or Reiki for horses, is a gentle and non-intrusive therapy. It is safe and will never harm your horse. Reiki restores positive energy flow into the animal’s body, and therefore correcting imbalance. Typically, the animal will approach and quickly become a willing participant. It can help with issues such as arthritis, colic, loss of appetite, physical injuries, reducing stress, relieving anxiety, spooking, wind sucking, nervousness, as well as improving your relationship with your horse, helping the natural healing process and improving the owner’s riding experience.


increases energy levels

pain relieve & pain management

decreased recovery time from injury

promotes relaxation

reduces anxiety & stress

calms nervousness

aids healing emotional scars

creates balance within

teaches positive touch

strengthens the immune system

aids in detoxifying & digestive problems

harmonizes rider & horse balance

promotes overall well-being

....there is something about the gentle wisdom in a horse's eye 

that can put even the most troubled soul at peace....

Reiki will maintain the horse's health and, if ill or injured, will decrease recovery time. Most of all, Reiki feels great and offers extreme relaxation. You will see your horse most definitely will enjoy the treatment and you will see licking, chewing, continuous yawning or even falling asleep as a session goes on. Reiki generally encourages self-healing, and overall, it leads to better health for your horse, even if not ill or injured. With the help of energy work you can also help the horse with emotional and behavioral issues. Due to the close relationship and bond between rider and horse, sometimes the rider projects the own energy to the horse without recognizing it. Therefore I recommend sessions for you both to create harmony and balance.

You can use Reiki for many situations, such as if the communication between you and your horse is no longer in harmony, your horse is anxious or "hyperactive", or you simply want to do something good for your horse. Reiki can help when you suddenly see negative behavior, or if they have persisted for some time. It can also create balance between you and your horse and therefore bringing your bond closer as well. It can aid in relaxation and reassurance for fearful and insecure horses, used before or after working them, for tension and difficulties while riding, general handling or even when you are starting a horse. With a fearful horse, it will help the ease of introducing to a new herd, dogs, saddles or noises.

Please note that reiki does not replace veterinary care.

Reiki can be a beneficial tool in the healing process and overall well-being.

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